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Adwords Campaigns

The SEM search engine positioning and AdWords Campaigns are techniques used to promote sites in search engines for a fee. Your company pays Google, Yahoo or any other search engine to advertise on its page, appearing as a Sponsored Link in a prominent position above the standard search results. Additionally your website also appears in search-related or reference pages to increase your visibility. It is an option that guarantees major traffic visiting your website. The most common payment method is pay per click, i.e. you pay a fee based on the number of clicks made per ad.

Our service creates, designs and launches your AdWords advertising campaign. We study your website and identify your key business, customer profile, design and style of your website so that you have a unit of content with the sponsored link and choose the most effective keywords. We analyse sponsored links of your competitors to highlight your added value and what makes you different.

You can count on our professional assurance that your SEM campaign is original and effective. We can manage the uploading of new content, products and services, etc. or you can do that yourself. You decide what kind of campaign is needed. We carefully monitor the results to continue improving it by making adjustments and enhancing some aspects based on visits, number of clicks, etc. All of this aims to create a quality online advertising campaign quality that works successfully.

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